Kadai Paneer $ 12.99

Indian stir fry with chunky bell peppers, onions, and homemade cheese (paneer), cooked with whole spices and kadai sauce.

Palak Paneer $ 12.99

Spinach puree cooked with paneer and spices, flavoured with chopped garlic.

Vegetable or Paneer Korma $ 12.99

Mixed vegetables or paneer simmered in a mild and subtly spiced coconut milk, cream and ground almond sauce.

Vegetable or Paneer Makhani $ 12.99

Creamy tomato base sauce with dried fenugreek, slightly tangy with hint of honey.

Mixed Vegetable $ 12.99

Green bean, carrots, peas and cauliflower cooked with onion and tomato sauce.

Chana Masala $ 12.99

Fairly dry and savoury chickpea curry. Made with a tomato and onion base

Aloo Gobi $ 12.99

Cauliflower and potato in dry sauce with spices.

Daal makhani $ 11.99

Black lentils slow cooked with spices, onion, ginger and garlic.

Yellow Daal Tadka $ 11.99

Delicious warming comfort food. Simple, healthy and delicious with yellow lentils, cumin, and garlic.

Eggplant Bharta $ 12.99

Roasted eggplant cooked with spiced tomato.

Veg Jalfrezi $ 12.99

Cooked with green chillies, bell pepper, onion, tomatoes and spiced with fresh herbs.